Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Investigation of engineering geological and geotechnical characteristics of Imam Reza energy transfer tunnel in Mashhad    M.Sc.    hamid reza mozdi    1400/07/28
2    Investigation of the relationship between lithological, physical and mechanical properties with karst development in gypsum of Gachsaran Formation and limestone of Asmari Formation in Jarahi-Zohreh catchment, east of Khuzestan province    Ph.D    mohammad mohammadian    1400/06/31
3    Determination of land subsidence rate due to groundwater extraction using radar interferometry technique in Khaf plain    M.Sc.    fateme zabihizade    1399/11/30
4    Evaluating of suitable areas for landfill construction in Quchan County using GIS    M.Sc.    soosan mehdizadeh tarnik    1399/11/29
5    The effect of geological formations on the groundwater quality of Shoghan plain    M.Sc.    malihe faraji    1399/06/30
6    Investigation of engineering geological properties of igneous rock engineering (Sangan Kahf iron ore mine)    M.Sc.    ali ghasempour    1399/06/26
7    Investigation on the concentration of heavy metals in saffron farms of Kakhk and Bakhshd in Gonabad county and the effect of this metals on saffron of the study farms    M.Sc.    Mohsen Shekari    1398/11/30
8    Surficial Soil Zoning Based on Subgrade Reaction Modulus in West of Mashhad    Ph.D    pouya salari    1398/11/30
9    An Investigation on the Mechanism and Engineering Geological Characteristics of Land Subsidence in Kashmar - Bardaskan Plain    Ph.D    HAMID SAEEIDI    1398/11/27
10    Evaluation and Prediction of Land Subsidence in Mashhad City due to groundwater withdrawal    Ph.D    fahimeh salehi moteahed    1398/06/31
11    Investigation of engineering geological properties of limestones    M.Sc.    sajad safari farrokhad    1398/06/31
12    Evaluation of Engineering Geology Properties of Marble of Khalaj in Southest of Mashhad    M.Sc.    leylee Hemmatee    1398/06/31
13    Land Subsidence survey due to water level loss in the west of Mashhad plain and the effect of subsurface conditions on the amount of subsidence    M.Sc.    ASMA ZERANG    1398/06/31
14    Evaluation of engineering geological characteristics of sandstone in Koppeh Dagh Zone (Case study on Kashafrud and Shurijeh Formations)    M.Sc.    marjan shahinfar    1398/04/23
15    Evaluation the Geotechnical properties of Residual Soils in South of Mashhad    Ph.D    saeedeh hosseini    1397/12/21
16    Geomechanical and Petrophysical modeling using seismic attributes    Ph.D    javad sharifi    1397/12/13
17    Investigation on the engineering geological properties of different samples of granits and its realation with physical properties    M.Sc.    hosein khajeh    1397/11/30
18    Analysis of morphological characteristics and spatial distribution The hazard of land subsidence in the Neyshabur plain    Ph.D    Jafar Rokni    1397/11/29
19    Geologic hazard zonation using GIS in the watershed of Gelvard from the sub-basins of Nekarud Mazandaran    M.Sc.    seyede najmeh aghili    1397/11/23
20    An investigation on the effect of composition and layering of sediments on fault rupture propagation by means of centrifuge tests    Ph.D    Naser Tali    1397/11/17
21    Geomechanical assessment of Gachsaran caprock integrity due to fault reactivation during gas injection activities    Ph.D    majid taghipour    1397/10/26
22    Geomechanical Assessment of Gachsaran Cap Rock Integrity During Gas Injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery    Ph.D    mohammadkazem amiri    1397/09/21
23    The investigation of Environmental pollution impact of waste materials oil based drilling muds in Kopal oil field    M.Sc.    seyd mohammad mousavi    1397/06/31
24    Investigation on engineering geological properties of Neyzar Formation    M.Sc.    morteza mashhadi sarvandi    1397/06/27
25    Investigating engineering geological properties and three-dimensional modeling of sedimentary deposits in Kerman City and effect of water uprising on their engineering properties    Ph.D    Iman Aghamolaie    1396/12/16
26    Study and Compairing of sediment yield and Quantitative and Qualitative properties of Runoff from sensitive Lithologies, Case studies in Sangerd, Dahangale and Kakhk Reservoir dams Watersheds    Ph.D    Ali Bagheriankalat    1396/11/25
27    Evaluation of Engineering Geology Properties of Tirgan Formation    M.Sc.    mohamadreza moradi    1396/11/24
28    Zoning of Environmental Geological Dangers as part of the Ziarat Basin, Golestan Province    M.Sc.    naimeh purmandi    1396/11/09
29    Risk assessment of the Sinkholes in Loessy soils of the northeast of Kalaleh, Golestan province    M.Sc.    Hamed Atabay    1396/11/03
30    Risk assessment of land subsidence in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    mahdi amiri    1396/10/26
31    3D Geomechanical Modeling of Petroleum Reservoir Using Dynamic Data in one of the Oilfield in the Southwest of Iran    Ph.D    َAlireza Najibi    1396/09/08
32    Investigation of Engineering Geology and Geotechnics of Shiraz Urban subway Line 2    M.Sc.    farhad yazdan panah    1396/07/17
33    Investigation of engineering geological properties and stability analysis of diversion tunne lof Hajilarchay dam    M.Sc.    kazem dehghani    1396/06/23
34    Site selection for Torbat jam city landfill by using GIS and AHP    M.Sc.    asie farahani mohamadabadi    1396/02/18
35    Assessment of edaphic variability on subsidence fissures morphology (case study: neishabour plain)    M.Sc.    maryam joleyni    1395/11/30
36    Investigation of the effect of geological conditions on dust and air pollution in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    maede hojaty    1395/11/28
37    Reservoir study and modeling integration with geologjcal evaluation and geomechanical properties interaction as a solution for uncertainty analysis    Ph.D    SADJAD KAZEMSHIROODI    1395/11/11
38    Geotechnical investigations for raising tailings dam of Zarmehr gold mine    M.Sc.    Mahdi Ahmadi    1395/11/04
39    Engineering characteristics of river alluvial deposits in Mashhad county    M.Sc.    naser asemani    1395/10/28
40    Evaluation of Abrasiveness Potential of Igneous Rocks by use of the NTNU Abrasion apparatus    M.Sc.    Saeed Aligholi    1395/06/31
41    Investigation on engineering geological properties of phyllites in south Mashhad city    M.Sc.    ahmad borhani    1395/06/29
42    Investigation of physicochemical properties of marly soils of Qom and Upper Red formation and their effect on predicting mechanical parameters (Salt lake catchments    Ph.D    Alireza Majidi    1395/04/19
43    Evaluation of EngineeringGeological properties of Mozduran formation    M.Sc.    maryam abbasi    1394/10/28
44    Evaluation of Engineering geology properties of Shourijeh Formation, East of Kopet-Dagh basin    M.Sc.    azam safari    1394/10/28
45    valuatinEg the impact of some geological parameters on soil abrasivity via introducing a new method    Ph.D    Hossein Mirmehrabi    1394/10/23
46    Stability assesment of Sabzkoh tunnel due to the varity of geological formation along tunnel route    M.Sc.    Reza Hosseini Kinaki    1394/10/14
47    Site selection for underground dam in Pasband Lamerd watershed, Fars province    M.Sc.    mohammad hossein khalifeh    1394/06/31
48    Hazardous Waste Site selection in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province    M.Sc.    javad khalaji    1394/04/22
49    Investigation on impact of the dams constructed on Mashhad watershed on aquifer of Mashhad plain    M.Sc.    Behzad Baratian    1393/11/08
50    Investigation on engineeing geological properties of marl from Qom formation    M.Sc.    yavar firouzehi    1393/11/08
51    Effect of geological condition on using tunnelling machin Gimberi Diversion Tunnel in Afghanestan    M.Sc.    Ali Pilevari    1393/11/07
52    Agh-chai dam effects on karst springs in downstream    M.Sc.    Saeed Safary    1393/11/07
53    Rock Mass Classification for Blastability Assessment in Open Pit Mines    Ph.D    majid akbari    1393/10/24
54    Engineering geological and geotechnical study on Gharedanloo dam with emphasاs on grout curtain    M.Sc.    hossein hediaty    1393/06/25
55    Present a Geological Grout Index (GGI) for rock mass    Ph.D    hamidreza rostamibarani    1393/06/22
56    Assessment of Nishapur steel slag composition and its environmental impacts    M.Sc.    mona hossein pour    1393/06/20
57    An investigation on the engineering geological properties of ultrabasic rocks in south of Mashhad city    M.Sc.    zohre Noorbakhsh Razmi    1392/11/10
58    Prediction of landsubsidence in Kashmar plain with Simulation of water level Fluctuations using MODFLOW code    M.Sc.    Amir Ghaffarian Sayeli    1392/11/10
59    Site selection for Ramhormoz city landfill by using GIS and AHP    M.Sc.    Fereshteh Kianfard    1392/11/10
60    ٍThe effect of sedimentary basin on engineering property of Kerman city deposits    Ph.D    mohammad reza aminizadeh bazanjani    1392/09/20
61    Assessment of mineralogical properties on Cerchar Abrassiveness lndex    M.Sc.    masih moradi zadeh esfahani    1392/06/31
62    To english: Evaluation of stattestical characterstics of Geotechnical data of West Mashahd City    M.Sc.    mahin Etemadifar    1392/06/31
63    Comparing the theoritical and actual land subcidance in deep tunnel of Shiraz metro using Plaxis    M.Sc.    Sayed Mohammad Alipoori    1392/06/31
64    Evaluation of Engineering geological and geotechnical parameters on Alteymour Wastewater Treatment number 4, East of Mashhad    M.Sc.    saeed mohammadi    1392/06/19
65    An investigation on geological, physical and mechanical chracteristics of Abderaz Marls Formation in North East Iran    M.Sc.    maasoomeh khalily    1392/06/19
66    An investigation on effect dynamic compaction and static loads on shear strength of loess’s soils in Golestan Province    Ph.D    hamed rezaiy    1392/03/01
67    Permeability study in Chahchahe dam site for suggesting a sealing method with considering engineering geology properties    M.Sc.    amir jami    1391/11/12
68    Mechanical Earth Model (MEM) of the Bangestan Reservoir Rock in the Mansuri Oil Field    Ph.D    Hakimeh Amanipoor    1391/11/12
69    Investigation on soils pollutions in northwest of Neyshabour plain and its environmental impact    M.Sc.    maryam mohebbi najmabad    1391/06/30
70    Engineering geological and geotechnical investigation on East Kebar dam (Sork)    M.Sc.    mohammad reza karimi    1391/06/29
71    Investigation on the effect of oil contamination on strength properties of soils in Khorasan Razavi province    M.Sc.    Fateme Rajaie    1391/06/28
72    Mass movement hazard zonation in Polroud earthdam reservoir    M.Sc.    MARYAM DEHBAN    1391/06/28
73    Assessment of Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Properties of Spillway Tunnel in Haraz Reservior Dam (Mangol)    M.Sc.    Khosro Fathi    1391/06/26
74    Evaluation of the ground subsidence in mahyar southerly plain    M.Sc.    reza salehi    1391/06/25
75    Investigation of geological engineering and geotechnical properties of Safa dam site    M.Sc.    iman aghamolaie    1391/06/25
76    Land slide zonation in Keshvari watershed, south east Khorram Abad city.    M.Sc.    salman soori    1390/11/12